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February 14, 2020 @ 9:00 am

Ep 100 - Happy 100th and Welcome to the Edge Lab, with Rob Hirschfeld of RackN

Happy 100th podcast!!  Rob Hirschfeld is the founder and CEO of RackN.  Rob has been along for many podcasts with Eric and is also a premiere podcaster himself at the L8ist Sh9y Podcast. This show introduces the freshly minted Edge Lab which is finally a way to do bare-metal provisioning for an edge scenario with the magic (and science) of Digital Rebar, K3s, and most importantly, this is a reference build to help you experiment with PxE booting and much more.  

Check out the Edge Lab at https://edgelab.digital 

Check out Digital Rebar at https://rebar.digital 

If you want to participate in the Edge Lab but cannot afford to purchase the gear, please reach out on Twitter to @DiscoPosse and we are working on grant programs and discount opportunities to help those folks who are underrepresented in technology and who can benefit from access to these resources. 

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