Ep. 22 - An Open Letter to IT Community Organizers and Vendors featuring Angelo Luciani (@AngeloLuciani)

June 3, 2016

Support your local Sheriff used to the common phrase at one point.  Today, we need to nurture our IT communities through providing mentoring and coaching to elevate all of the community.  In an open discussion, we tackle the challenge of providing content as vendors while avoiding the "pitch".  Angelo Luciani is a co-leader of the Toronto VMUG, who also launched the Silicon Valley VMUG and runs the Nutanix .NEXT community. 

If you are a vendor who sponsors community events and conferences, this is a must listen.  Together we can elevate our message and bring the community with us. 

Ep. 21 - Thinking like an Architect and Mentoring Community with Rene Van Den Bedem (@vcdx133)

May 31, 2016

Join the conversation as we discuss how to think like an architect with Rene Van Den Bedem (@vcdx133).  Having achieved his VCDX and NPX certifications, Rene is a phenomenal example of elevating ourselves through community and learning.  The chat touches on the key points to progress from admin to architect and how community opens the doors to a broad group of peers and mentors. Learn about Virtual Design Master and how Rene thinks we can all make the jump to architectural thinking in IT. 


Ep. 20 - OpenStack Ecosystem and Summit Catch Up with Ken Hui (@kenhuiny) of @Rackspace

May 20, 2016

Join us for a great chat with Ken Hui (@kenhuiny) of Rackspace as we delve into the overall OpenStack community, the results from the Summit, and a little look back over the history of the Summits.  Ken brings some great insight into the challenges of the OpenStack ecosystem while highlighting the very important advances we've made.  Also, we talk about some of the Rackspace updates from the Summit and in their Developer advocacy area with a few very cool projects.


Ep. 19 - OpenStack Interop, RackN and more with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle)

May 15, 2016

In this episode, we chat with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) about the evolution of OpenStack, interoperability, abstractions and APIs, and more.  We also talk a little about RackN and we even find out the origin of the Twitter handle Zehicle.  Episode was recorded while at the OpenStack Summit in Austin which gave a perfect background for us to really dig into where the evolution of OpenStack and the big tent approach has brought us, and what may be next in the open cloud ecosystem.


Ep. 18 - The Importance of Company Culture and Building Trust with Ben Nye

May 6, 2016

We chat with Ben Nye, Managing Director of Bain Capital and CEO of VMTurbo, as we discuss the importance of company culture, the art of growing a product into a business, the state of the venture capital environment in IT and much more. 

Ben is a dynamic speaker, and inspires a large team at VMTurbo.  Having a storied career in business and technology, it was a pleasure to dive into how the challenges of creating trust in the organization can prove to be the path to success for organizations. 

Ep. 17 - Developer Advocacy with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender)

April 29, 2016

We chat with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender) on his role at Intel as a Developer Advocate as well as the overall concept of developer advocacy and supporting open source communities.  This was an enlightening chat which will really open up some eyes as to the importance of our participation as advocates for every aspect of open source projects. 


Ep. 16 - 2 Ninjas 1 Blog - Private cloud with Nick Colyer (@vNickC) and Amy Manley (@WyrdGirl)

April 22, 2016

In an exciting chat about the rebirth of private cloud, we talk with Nick Colyer (@vNickC) and Amy Manley (@WyrdGirl) on their 2Ninjas1Blog project, succeeding in private cloud, and also the challenges of thinking cloud in a virtualized environment. 

We discover some great tips on what the common pitfalls are, and how teams can surpass them to succeed in adopting private cloud.  Technology is a strong part of the solution, but the central focus is around people first, process second, and technology as the solution to solve the pain points.


Ep. 15 - OpenStack Mitaka Updates, Nova goodness and more with Stephen Gordon (@xsgordon)

April 17, 2016

With the OpenStack Summit in Austin, the timing is perfect to catch up on the OpenStack Nova project with Stephen Gordon (@xsgordon).  We had a great chat with Stephen on Nova updates in Mitaka, the overall OpenStack ecosystem, real-time KVM and much more. 


Ep. 14 - Intel SDI-x, snap, and more with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender)

April 12, 2016
In this episode, we talk with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender) about some of the work happening in the Intel SDI-x team. We talk about project snap, the announcement on March 31st and more about open source goodness. 

Full show notes available here: https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/community/industry-perspectives/blog/2016/04/12/gc-on-demand-ep-14-intel-sdi-x-snap-and-more-with-matthew-brender-mjbrender


Ep. 13 - IOpipe, Leading the Curve in Tech, Containers and more with Eric Windisch (@ewindisch)

April 4, 2016

In this episode, we talk with Eric Windisch (@ewindisch) about his new venture, IOpipe.com and about his very interesting history in technology.  Having been involved in PaaS building, OpenStack, Docker, and much more, Eric continues to lead the curve with startups taking a very interesting direction to solve today's and tomorrow's problems with technology. 


Ep. 12 - SMB, Food Truck IT, and more with Trevor Pott (@cakeis_not_alie)

March 25, 2016
In this episode, we chat with Trevor Pott (@cakeis_not_alie) about a wide array of content.  We tackle the challenges of SMB and mid-market IT, why public cloud and SaaS just doesn’t work for many, what’s coming in IT, and very valuable insight into what it takes to have integrity and trust as a vendor and community member. 
We also learn what could be my new favourite way to describe an interesting market space which is food truck IT.

Ep. 11 - Talking Business, Technology, and Pure Storage with Vaughn Stewart (@vStewed)

March 20, 2016
In this episode, we  talk with Vaughn Stewart (@vStewed).  We cover the all important topic of understanding business needs as a technologist, being a public voice in the tech industry, disruption, and the Pure Accelerate conference that just happened in San Francisco. 

Our chat touches on the importance of being a trusted advisor, and some very interesting insight into how to do that in a tumultuous and competitive industry.

Vaughn also gives us one of the most interesting book lists to date!


Ep. 10 - Talking DevOps, Transformative Thinking, and much more with @AndiMann! Part 2 of 2

March 11, 2016

In this episode, we  continue a dynamic chat with Andi Mann (@AndiMann).  Andi brings a wealth of knowledge to the chat on DevOps, the culture of driving change in business and technology. 

The second part of our chat covers the heart of DevOps, specifically the challenges of visibility across complex teams, processes, and tools; and the importance of metrics in the DevOps approach.

I even lead with the dreaded question that nobody likes to get asked.  You'll have to listen to hear what Andi has to say!

Andi is the author of The Innovative CIOVisible Ops - Private Cloud, and a phenomenal contributor to the IT and business community. 

Ep. 9 - Talking DevOps, Transformative Thinking, and much more with @AndiMann! Part 1 of 2

February 29, 2016

In this episode, we chat with Andi Mann (@AndiMann) in the first of a two part conversation.  Andi brings a wealth of knowledge to the chat on DevOps, the culture of driving change in business and technology.  This first part covers the disintegration of IT, spreading across components and architectures, internally and externally; and addressing all the problems that brings.

Andi is the author of The Innovative CIOVisible Ops - Private Cloud, and a phenomenal contributor to the IT and business community.  

Ep. 8 - Talking DevOps and Code Quality with @GrabnerAndi and @brett_solarch

February 21, 2016
In this episode, we chat with Andi Grabner (@GrabnerAndi) and Brett Hofer (@Brett_solarch) who bring some excellent insight into elevating development to a more DevOps methodology.  Understanding the challenges of embracing the culture, and what relatively common sense steps you can follow to do the same in your organization.  
Andi and Brett provide some great insight into:
  • Fundamentals of some of the DevOps culture
  • Drivers and challenge that led to the need for DevOps
  • Embracing failure in testing
  • Blameless post-mortems and other great techniques to support development without friction
  • Thinking beyond lines of code as a metric
  • Code quality (you really have to listen in and you’ll love this IMHO!)
And yes, we talk about the Phoenix Project! 
Full details and show links available here:  https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/community/industry-perspectives/blog/2016/02/20/gc-on-demand-ep-8-talking-devops-and-code-quality-with-grabnerandi-and-brettsolarch

Ep. 7 - Chargeback with Amy Manley (@wyrdgirl)

February 17, 2016

In this episode, we welcome Amy Manley (@wyrdgirl) to talk about chargeback, embracing a pricing model for IT, and building out the amplified feedback loop to the business.  These are all critical to building an effective private cloud IMHO.


Ep. 6 - Automation and Ansible with Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier)

February 7, 2016

In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier) to talk about using Ansible as an automation and configuration management platform.  Jonathan gives is great details on how to get started with Ansible, ways to learn to up your Ansible game, and what the core reasons for automation are which drive the need for configuration management and automated solutions.


Ep. 5 - Open Source goodness and All Things CoreOS with Alex Polvi (@polvi)

February 4, 2016
In this episode, we welcome CoreOS founder and CEO, Alex Polvi.  We talk about what 2015 at CoreOS was like, and what is upcoming in 2016.  We touch on the strengths and challenges of open source, and Alex offers some excellent insight into his vision, that of CoreOS, and how open source is fundamental to delivering on that vision.
We also have a big announcement in this one for the CoreOS team!

Ep. 4 - Tech Evangelism, Corporate and Personal with Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl)

January 31, 2016

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl) and our host Eric Wright (@DiscoPosseas they discuss technology evangelism, learning, personal and corporate growth as a technologist and much more!


Ep. 3 - Blogging, Community, and Intrapraneur skills with Dwayne Lessner (@dlink7)

January 23, 2016

In this episode, we are joined by Dwayne Lessner (@dlink7) and our host Eric Wright (@DiscoPosse) as they discuss blogging, learning tools, and being an Intrapraneur for your own skills.  Dwayne's background in IT and his blogging led to becoming an early employee with Nutanix.